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Top Tips to Build Your Best Multi-Carrier Network
June 11, 2024
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Top Tips to Build Your Best Multi-Carrier Network
by LJM Group

Kenneth Moyer’s decades of experience highlight the strategic advantages and practical steps shippers can take….

Beyond Algorithms: The Crucial Role of Human Advisors in Modern Retail Shipping
by LJM Group

The rise of technology has completely transformed retail shipping, granting easy access to a wealth….

USPS Ups the Ante with 25% Average Increase on Parcel Select Service
by LJM Group

Retailers who rely on USPS Parcel Select Service for low-cost, high-volume ground shipping are bracing….

UPS and FedEx Pricing Power Is Scary
by LJM Group

As the giants of shipping, UPS and FedEx wield significant influence. In 2024, a notable….

Maximizing ROI: Leveraging Parcel Carrier ContractsTrack: Logistics, Transportation, and Warehousing
by LJM Group

By Kenneth MoyerPartner/Vice President of Supply Chain Strategies This SCOPE session focused on Parcel Carrier Contracts, their….

No More Warehouse Worries: The Rewards of Risk Mitigation for Retailers
by LJM Group

The risks involved in warehouse operations continue to grow at an alarming rate as businesses….

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