How is LJM Group different from other parcel auditors?

Although LJM Group employs former UPS/FedEx/DHL workers, the owners of LJM Group themselves were never employed by any of the parcel carriers; whereas 99% of the owners in the auditing business were previously employed by UPS/FedEx or DHL. We view this as a significant advantage for LJM. Our owner’s backgrounds consist of over 25 years of selling and integrating “Third-party Shipping Software”, Manifest Systems, Address Correction Hygiene Software, Dimensional Weight Scales and the like. They basically competed against Worldship, Connectship, Powership, Ship Manager, Libra and every other carrier provided system in the industry. They learned the business from the “shipper’s point of view” by helping clients save money. The backgrounds of the rest of the auditing industry consist of helping client’s spend money! The secret is to help our clients prevent many of the errors and overcharges before they become an issue. We do not get compensated for much of the consulting and advice we provide. This is simply a byproduct of our audit.

How much money can I expect to save? How will I know how much money I am saving, and how will I verify the invoice from LJM Group?

Depending on your shipping characteristics and makeup, typical auditing savings range from 2% – 6%; typical savings from contract negotiations range between 10%-25%. Each week you will have credits appear on your carrier invoices due to our involvement. The month after the credit appears on your invoice, LJM Group will send you our invoice. Our invoice is a percentage of the savings. The invoice is broken down by carrier, date of carrier invoice, account number and credit description. This report is sent to you in a .pdf file as well as an excel spreadsheet.

What is my cost to use LJM Group?

There are no upfront costs, monthly fees or hidden costs. Our only compensation is a percentage of the actual net savings. We also provide roughly thirty reports at no additional charge.

Which parcel carriers do you audit?

UPS, FedEx, and OnTrac

What does the LJM Group audit look for on a carrier invoice?

We provide the most comprehensive line item audit in the industry. Our software and our professional parcel freight auditors perform a 45-point audit of each shipment and fee that appears on your carrier invoice. We make absolutely certain that your weekly invoice complies with your negotiated carrier agreement. Please click here to see a partial list of what we audit for.

How do we begin and what is the process?

Here’s how our weekly invoice auditing service works:

We receive your weekly electronic carrier invoice(s) via email, UPS.com or FedEx on-line.

We import your weekly electronic invoice file into our proprietary auditing software, track and assess each shipment for on time delivery, rate conformity and accessorial charge compliance.

We identify the errors, overcharges and late delivered packages and make daily and weekly refund submissions to your parcel carriers on your behalf.

The carriers credit your invoices for the refund amounts (UPS will credit subsequent invoices while FedEx credits “open invoices”). We reconcile all carrier refunds.

We upload all customer invoice data to our web reporting application for invoice reporting and visibility. Each customer is assigned a userID and password to access these reports 24/7.

We invoice you the month following the credit appearing on your carrier invoice.

Our fee is a percentage of the recovered funds once they have been credited to your account. We provide detailed reports showing all credits and refunds.

Will my carriers resent me for auditing their services?

The answer is no. Would you resent your clients for verifying that what you are charging them is correct? Auditing of parcel carrier invoices is a routine matter. You are merely claiming money that is rightfully yours. If your carrier resents you for performing this task, your relationship might not be as significant as you thought. We at LJM understand the value of Vendor/Client relationships; however, having a trusting relationship with a vendor, does not mean they have the right to overbill you. Remember, you are the customer; the carriers are the vendors.

Do you require a contract or commitment?

The beauty of our service is that we do not require you to sign a contract. There is no obligation. You can discontinue our services anytime you wish. You have absolutely nothing to lose! Worst case scenario, through our efforts, you find that your packages are getting delivered on time, every time and your carrier is billing you 100% accurately and you owe us nothing. It is your money; let us help you get it back.

Can LJM help our company negotiate a better carrier agreement?

Absolutely. When we assist you in negotiating your carrier agreement, you lower your rates, you lower your shipping spend and improve profitability. Your carrier might tell you that your rates cannot be lower, but LJM Group can usually find opportunities for lower rates and a better agreement. There are many variables in every contract, and we have the expertise to spot your savings opportunities. When LJM handles your carrier contract rate negotiations, you reap the benefits without having to invest long hours in the process. 10% to 25% savings are typical when LJM Group assists with your carrier negotiations. You don’t know what you don’t know! Please click here to see our Contract Negotiations information sheet.

What reports can I expect to receive from LJM?

LJM Group offers approximately thirty different reports. Please click here for a listing of most of our reports.

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