Small Parcel Shipping Invoice Audits

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Expose Shipping Invoice Errors & Recoup Lost Dollars with the industry’s most comprehensive line-item audit

You can recover significant expenses by auditing your FedEx/UPS bills; you should be auditing every single parcel carrier charge. Unfortunately, most companies don’t have the employees, the time or the expertise to analyze these invoices internally.

Comprehensive Parcel Invoice Auditing

  • Audit Your UPS/FedEx Bills
  • Expose Mistakes & Overcharges
  • Recover Lost Shipping Spend
  • No Contracts, No Fees
  • Set It and Forget It!
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Stop Spot-Checking Your Invoices

Spot-checking isn’t just inefficient—it’s inadequate. Line-item invoice auditing is specialized work that requires expertise, persistence and best-of-breed technologies. Identifying the mistakes is just the first step—to then recover your money from the Carrier is also a resource-intensive process. LJM Group has the expert personnel and technology to thoroughly audit your shipping invoices and get that money back for your company every week.

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Cost Reductions are Guaranteed

Savings of 2%-6% per week are typical. We provide the most comprehensive line-item audit in the small parcel industry, and we work strictly on a contingency basis. Our compensation is a percentage of the refunds we recover for you. No contracts, no obligation. Discontinue anytime. You have nothing to lose!

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It’s Your Money—We’ll Help You Get It Back

We perform weekly audits on your invoices, find the errors and overcharges, work with the carriers behind the scenes and have the carriers credit your subsequent invoices. We invoice you the month following the credit appearing on your Carrier invoice. We provide detailed reports showing all credits and refunds.

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See New Opportunities with Customized Reporting

You can’t manage what you can’t measure. As we process your shipping data, we provide detailed reports pertaining to all areas of your shipping activity. You can choose from our standard report formats, or specify the information and date ranges you want in a fully customized report. Reports are very helpful in the management of logistics and the discovery of rate and service improvement opportunities.

Recover Your Lost Profits Now

Consulting Services
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Contract Negotiation

Our expert contract analysis, combined with unmatched benchmarking and forward-thinking long-term strategies ensure you successful rate negotiations.

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TruCost Reporting

Gain insight, and overcome hidden costs, through our analysis of all accessorial fees that the Carriers may charge after delivery to verify final, accurate shipping costs.

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G/L Coding & BillPay

Our seamless interface for financial & accounting systems automates G/L Coding of parcel Carrier invoices with optional BillPay services, aligning invoices against payables for accurate expense allocation.

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