Complete Transportation Management Solutions

Our vast years of experience in LTL, TL, Final Mile Delivery, and Multi-Stop TL services offers you access to expert logistics solutions beyond the world of small parcel shipments.
image of a crane moving shipping crates, symbolizing the active management of freight and parcel logistics in LJM Group's operations.

Gain More Control with Better Visibility into Your Shipping and Spend Processes

Reduce your shipping problems through our over-the-road transportation management solutions.

As a shipper, you know over the road Carrier procurement & transportation management can be tricky and time-consuming, and you’re under a lot of pressure to reduce overall costs and provide accounting and data visibility to your organization. We believe you shouldn’t have to spend so much time and excessive costs looking for dependable, quality, over-the-road Carriers for Parcel, LTL, Final- Mile Delivery, and Full Truckload moves, and you should be able to easily obtain shipping data to analyze your history to improve ongoing practices.

Icon of a box with a world inside, representing LJM Group's promise to help you take control of your shipments, ensuring you know the whereabouts of your inbound and outbound parcels at all times.
Take Control
Know where your inbound and outbound shipments are at all times
Clock icon symbolizing LJM Group's commitment to saving your time by finding the right carrier for your freight, thus eliminating time-consuming tasks.
Save Time
Alleviate the time-consuming task of finding the right Carrier for your freight
Cursor clicking on a money sign icon, depicting LJM Group's commitment to reducing costs through fewer shipping problems, enabling you to do more with less.
Reduce Costs
Fewer shipping problems saves money, so you can do more with less
Freight Capabilities
Image of people moving boxes, representing the hands-on nature of logistics work carried out by the team at LJM Group.
  • Carrier Routing
  • True Lane Based Routing
  • Guaranteed Rates
  • Transit by Carrier
  • LOL by Carrier
  • Auto Tendering
  • Auto Pro Generation
  • Shipping Document Generation
  • Easy Cargo Insurance Add-On
  • Automatic Batch Email Notification Capability
  • Vendor Module Capability
Image of a person using a calculator under the title 'Shipment Quick Quote Access', illustrating LJM Group's fast and accurate logistics cost estimation process.
Shipment Quick Quote Access
  • Full Freight Desk Operations
  • Inbound Routing
  • Dropship Routing
  • Outbound Routing Support
  • Shipment Rescue
  • Re-consignments
Image of trucks on a map under the title 'Multi-Stop Truckload Access', symbolizing LJM Group's ability to efficiently coordinate and optimize multi-stop truckload logistics.
Multi-Stop Truck Load Access
  • Rating and Routing
  • Cost Allocation to Individual Shipments
Image of a business meeting under the title 'Carrier Negotiations', representing LJM Group's expertise in negotiating favorable shipping terms with carriers on behalf of their clients.
Carrier Negotiations
  • Maintain Rates over Time
  • Negotiate by Lane
  • Ongoing Pricing Analysis
Image of someone typing up their invoice, exemplifying the meticulous invoicing process undertaken by LJM Group for accurate financial management in logistics operations.
  • Carrier Invoice Auditing
  • Carrier Bill-Pay
Image of a lock and a cloud under the title 'Full Accounting Suite, Invoices Online', symbolizing LJM Group's comprehensive financial management services and secure online invoicing capabilities.
Full Accounting Suite - Invoices Online
  • Consolidated Weekly Invoices
  • Cost Allocation
  • Variance Visibility with Carrier Documents
  • Variance Dispute Processing
Image of someone looking at graphs on their computer, titled 'Reports', representing LJM Group's focus on data analysis and generating informative reports for effective logistics management.
  • Organizational View Access
  • Shipping Reports
  • Analytics Reporting
  • Accounting Reports
  • Custom Analytical Report Development
Image of a customer support representative under the title 'Support - Dedicated CSR Team', highlighting LJM Group's commitment to providing dedicated customer service and support in their logistics operations.
Support – Dedicated CSR Team
  • Claims Processing and Support
  • Audit Specialist
  • Tracking Specialist
Image of people engaged in work, titled 'Consultation', illustrating LJM Group's consultative approach in providing expert logistics advice and solutions.
  • Shipping
  • Process Improvements
  • Automation
  • Full Account Reviews
  • Commodity Reviews
Image of a compass pointing to the word 'Solutions' under the title 'Other Capabilities', representing LJM Group's wide range of expertise and ability to provide comprehensive logistics solutions.
Other Capabilities
  • Carrier Conflict Resolution
  • Integration
  • EDI & API Carrier Transmission Maintenance
  • SMC Carrier Support-Tariff Maintenance
  • Non-SMC Carrier Support-Tariff Maintenance
Ready to Streamline Your Freight Program?

Consulting Services
Icon of a pencil writing on a piece of paper, signifying documentation or note-taking processes in the context of LJM Group's operations.
Contract Negotiation

Our expert contract analysis, combined with unmatched benchmarking and forward-thinking long-term strategies ensure you successful rate negotiations.

Icon of a rising graph, representing growth or improvement, commonly associated with LJM Group's efforts in enhancing logistics efficiency and reducing costs.
TruCost Reporting

Gain insight, and overcome hidden costs, through our analysis of all accessorial fees that the Carriers may charge after delivery to verify final, accurate shipping costs.

Parcel Invoice Audit
Parcel Invoice Audits

Line-item auditing of every small parcel shipping invoice to expose mistakes, overcharges, and late deliveries in order to recover unwarranted costs.

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