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LJM Group has multifaceted knowledge and valuable experience from years in the shipping industry. We want to share it all with you! Carrier contract negotiations and shipping cost reductions are our forte. Our understanding of Carrier pricing strategies is formidable, and our clients typically save between 10% and 30% per year after partnering with us. LJM makes money when we save you money, NOT when you spend it.

Comprehensive knowledge of UPS, FedEx, DHL corporate pricing structures
Detailed analytics and assessments to maximize opportunities for savings
Typical savings of up to 30% resulting from contract analysis and negotiations
With Decades of Parcel, Negotiations, and Consulting Experience, We do More than ONE Thing.
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Our corporate pricing industry experts have acclaimed experience in the pricing departments of UPS, FedEx, and other Carriers, and readily expose hidden cost-savings opportunities in every contract.

Our Process:
  1. Analyze your transportation logistics and shipping profile against your current contracts to discover all potential savings opportunities
  2. Devise a strategic program to achieve and reinforce savings
  3. Support your parcel operations in a partner capacity with ongoing Logistics Advisory Services
UPS & FedEx Contract Negotiations are Complex

You need analysts who can understand your shipping data as well as navigate the complexities of carrier pricing structures and negotiation methods. We excel at finding innovative ways to improve your bottom line. Our discerning industry experience and proprietary data-mining parcel analysis software delivers profitable results. Your shipping profile – volume, spend, average weight and cost, fuel, mileage, etc. holds powerful insights that, when properly harnessed, can save you thousands.

For the Carriers, there’s Profit in your Confusion.
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