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Holiday Shipping & Supply Chain Update
November 20, 2023
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Holiday Shipping & Supply Chain Update
by LJM Group

Holiday Shipping Update & 2024 Landscape: This was the timely topic discussed on November 20th….

How Data Influences Customer Experience
by LJM Group

Sale! Airfare, 98% off! Who wouldn’t take advantage of such a deal? While not an….

Unlocking Efficiency: Key Concepts and Trends in Reverse Logistics
by LJM Group

Reverse logistics, once a neglected facet of the supply chain, has evolved into a critical….

UPS 2024 General Rate Increase – It’s Not a “One Size Fits All” Average
by LJM Group

On December 26th, UPS shippers will feel the impact of the 2024 general rate increase….

The Carriers’ Gambit: Factors that Influence Carrier Rates & Strategies to Stay Ahead of the Game in 2024
by LJM Group

As we approach 2024, shipping and logistics professionals face a market as complex as a….

Navigating the Dynamic Pricing Maze: How the Carriers Shape the Behavior of Shippers
by LJM Group

Dynamic pricing is becoming more prevalent in line with today’s dynamic world of shipping, where….

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