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With Decades of Parcel Negotiations & Expert Consulting Experience, We Clearly Do More than One Thing.

Today's technology -- coupled with in-depth past experience -- create tomorrow's innovations. Armed with industry knowledge and professional negotiating skills, we are the preferred team to manage your parcel spend. Confidently control your logistics with LJM as your "Parcel Partner."
We don't just call ourselves a partner, we act like one!

Consulting Services
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Contract Negotiation

Our expert contract analysis, combined with unmatched benchmarking and forward-thinking long-term strategies ensure you successful rate negotiations.

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TruCost Reporting

Gain insight, and overcome hidden costs, through our analysis of all accessorial fees that the Carriers may charge after delivery to verify final, accurate shipping costs.

Parcel Invoice Audit
Parcel Invoice Audits

Line-item auditing of every small parcel shipping invoice to expose mistakes, overcharges, and late deliveries in order to recover unwarranted costs.

Icon of a pencil filling out a bill, symbolizing the meticulous financial documentation process in LJM Group's freight and parcel auditing services.
G/L Coding & BillPay

Our seamless interface for financial & accounting systems automates G/L Coding of parcel Carrier invoices with optional BillPay services, aligning invoices against payables for accurate expense allocation.

Tracking Concierge

This cloud-based app allows ALL your parcel activity to be sorted and viewed from a single dashboard to better track delivery status while keeping the Carriers accountable.

Reporting & Analytics Tool

Our client web-portal depicts your data with insightful metrics and reporting capabilities which demonstrate how to drive your costs down.

Icon of hands holding a money symbol, titled 'Rate Shoppers', signifying LJM Group's dedication to finding the most cost-effective logistics solutions for their clients.
Rate Shopper

A cloud-based app that ensures the lowest shipping rates by comparing multiple, real-time Carrier services from a single interface.

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Fraud Detection

A customized data-analysis tool to mitigate employee fraud relating to inventory and shipping abuse before losses occur.

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Freight & TMS Solutions

Our freight solutions will incorporate improvements to your freight and logistics processes as well as comprehensive overall visibility of your supply chain.

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Logistics Advisory Services

In-depth analysis and reporting that improves overall operations and develops cost-effective solutions for supply chain, warehouse, and distribution.

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