TruCostsm Reporting

Learn your true Carrier costs per parcel, after delivery, and compare them to what you are charging your customers for shipping.
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Shipping Rates as ‘Competitive Advantage or a Profit Center?’

You can’t know the answer until you see all the facts. The TruCost data dashboard provides opportunities for easy analysis of all those miscellaneous accessorial fees charged from the Carriers after delivery. This provides easy visualization on how to optimize your position as a shipper and how to alleviate the burden of these discreet charges.

  • Identify your overall position
  • Uncover hidden accessorial fees
  • Optimize with targeted reports
  • Transparency to your TRUE costs
TruCostsm by LJM Group!

What are you Charging your Customers for Shipping?

TruCostsm by LJM Group will enable you to devise precise programs for your customer shipping schedule, making all the difference between profits and losses on your parcel shipments.

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Hidden Accessorial Fees

  • Applied after delivery
  • Up to 30 influences
  • Disguised Carrier charges


Monthly Reporting

  • Gain insight into your costs
  • Make informed decisions
  • Evaluate performance
Consulting Services
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Contract Negotiation

Our expert contract analysis, combined with unmatched benchmarking and forward-thinking long-term strategies ensure you successful rate negotiations.

Parcel Invoice Audit
Parcel Invoice Audits

Line-item auditing of every small parcel shipping invoice to expose mistakes, overcharges, and late deliveries in order to recover unwarranted costs.

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G/L Coding & BillPay

Our seamless interface for financial & accounting systems automates G/L Coding of parcel Carrier invoices with optional BillPay services, aligning invoices against payables for accurate expense allocation.

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