Lean and Clean Logistics: Reducing Waste to Increase Profits in Retail Operations
by LJM Group

A deep clean of your company’s operational logistics will usually reveal inefficiencies, errors, and costs….

Warming Up to Cold Chain Logistics: Trends and Tech Solutions for Retailers
by LJM Group

Consumer expectations are reaching new heights when it comes to the delivery of perishable goods…..

Green Warehousing: How Efficiency Is Leading Sustainability
by LJM Group

Research continues to show the direct relationship between green supply chain practices and profitability. And….

How Service Refund Waivers Steal from Retailers
by LJM Group

Paying for Their Mistakes: How GSR Waivers Steal from Retailers—and What You Can Do About….

Insights from Q4 Earnings Reports
by LJM Group

As Carriers Rebound, Shippers Regroup:  Insights from Q4 Earnings Reports and Strategies to Control Costs….

Demand Surcharge
­Navigating the UPS vs FEDEX Demand Surcharge Landscape: Insights and Strategies for Businesses
by LJM Group

Important Update Back on December 11, FedEx announced their 2024 Demand Surcharges for Additional Handling….

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