Auditing Points and Services


A meticulous auditor in a warehouse setting, deeply engrossed in his tablet, highlighting LJM Group's dedication to thorough parcel invoice auditing and ensuring accuracy in every detail.

Please Note: We also have business partnerships with companies that will help you with the following:

  • Dimensional Scales- eliminate dimensional rate issues
  • Address Correction Software – clean your address prior to shipping your package
  • Third Party Insurance Carriers
  • LTL Auditing and Rate Shopping
  • Third Party Small Parcel and LTL Web-Based Shipping Software

Comprehensive Line Item Audit Checklist

  • Rate Variance: Ensure your rates, discounts and incentives align with your negotiated Carrier Agreement
  • Late Delivery (GSR’s): Identify and retrieve refunds for late delivered packages
  • GL Coding: Allocate transportation costs by account, department, job #, division, etc.
  • Dimensional Weight (DIM): Verification of dimensional weight charges based on box dimensions
  • Manifested but not Shipped (Voids): Identify and acquire refunds for unused shipping labels
  • Address Corrections: Identify and retrieve refunds for duplicate and or erroneous Carrier address correction charges
  • Commercial/Residential Adjustments: Retrieve refunds for incorrectly billed Residential Surcharges
  • Duplicate Invoices: Identify and retrieve refunds for duplicate billed packages and/or invoices
  • Lost and Damaged Claims: Process requested Lost and Damaged packages
  • Chargeback Fees: Provide reporting and visibility into 3rd party shipments billed back to the original shipper
  • Saturday Delivery and Pick-Up Validation: Identify and retrieve refunds for packages not picked up or delivered on Saturday
  • Late Payment Fee Visibility: Provide reporting and visibility into your Carrier late payment fees
  • Incorrectly Billed 3rd Party Shipments & Invalid Account Number Usage: Monitor and tracking solutions of who is using your account number
  • Large Package, Additional Handling & Over Maximum Surcharges: Provide reporting and visibility into these fees
  • Undeliverable Returns Visibility: Provide reporting and visibility into undeliverable shipments
  • International Import and Export Visibility:
  • Incorrectly Billed Collect Shipments:
  • Delivery Area Surcharge: (DAS/ Extended DAS/ Rural)
  • ASD (Advanced Shipment Documents): Identification of ASD with no weight entered
  • Return Service Labels not used: (RSV, RTL, RSL, ARS)
  • Special Carrier Contract consideration verification: Many other miscellaneous accessorial adjustments
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