Your competition is paying less than you. Why?

by LJM Group

Did you ever wonder why your competitors are paying less for shipping than you are? It’s because they’re NOT losing money on unnecessary shipping costs. To level the playing field, use a professional contract negotiation firm and get the best possible parcel contract with UPS and FedEx.

There are many variables in every contract, and LJM has the deep, hard-won industry knowledge that you need to maximize your savings. Our experts will analyze your current carrier contracts and manage your rate negotiations for you, significantly lowering your shipping spend and increasing your profits.

As former senior pricing managers of UPS, FedEx, and other freight carriers, we take the unknowns out of the process, negotiating on your behalf to assure you receive the best contract possible. Our proprietary software is best-in-class, combing through the ins and outs of your shipping data, producing insights that our analysts can use to make a major difference in your bottom line.

And partnering with LJM is risk-free: our only fee is a percentage of the money we save you.  Contact us today for a FREE analysis of your UPS/FedEx agreement.

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