[Webinar] Parcel Cost Drivers: How to Think Like a Carrier

In our live webinar this week, we discussed the art and science of carrier pricing and how to negotiate the best possible “win-win” shipping contract. Thank you to everyone who participated! Attendees who asked additional questions will receive answers by email.

Highlights included:

  • The important of carrier Operating Ratios and how you can influence them
  • A breakdown of low, high and variable-margin shipping costs
  • Separating true carrier costs from the fluff in your contract
  • Analysis of what’s negotiable in a FedEx/UPS contract, and what’s not
  • How to “think like a carrier” in terms of market position as well as regional and corporate perspectives

Click below to watch the webinar presentation, or click here to open in the YouTube app. Please contact LJM for more information, or to schedule a free consultation to discuss your parcel contracts.