Our Mission

Allow our clients to focus on their core business while our shipping consultants work diligently to ensure their small parcel auditing accuracy and carrier contract integrity.
Lower our clients' overall shipping expense by making certain the carriers refund all billing overcharges, errors and inaccuracies and deliver what they promise so that our clients only pay for the service they receive.
Provide our clients with enhanced reporting visibility so they can better manage, understand and control shipping costs.
Help our clients become their own shipping consultants in a sense. Our goal is to not only identify and have the carriers credit the overcharges and errors, we aim to help our clients put processes in place to prevent and minimize the errors and overcharges going forward

Our Team

Ken Wood President and Founder
Kevin DiCapua Vice President and Co-founder
Thomas Andersen Partner, Vice President of Supply Chain Services
Kenneth Moyer Partner, Vice President of Supply Chain Strategies
Patric Ruppel Vice President of Operations