LJM Consultants

Assists companies with UPS and FedEx Contract Rate Negotiations and audits UPS and FedEx invoices

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LJM Consultants

Assists companies with UPS and FedEx Contract Rate Negotiations and audits UPS and FedEx invoices

How It Works Get Started

Parcel Contract Negotiation

It's the basic tenet of business - get the best service at the best price. LJM's shipping consultants will analyze your current carrier contracts and assist you with contract and rate negotiations, thereby lowering your shipping spend and increasing your profits. Through weekly UPS and FedEx invoice audits, our experts will pinpoint the areas of rate negotiation and significantly reduce your expenses by utilizing a combination of best-in-class proprietary software, years of industry experience and knowledge, and our strong relationships with the parcel carriers.

Auditing Services

There are overcharges, mistakes and or late delivered packages on many UPS and FedEx invoices, 52 weeks per year. There is a significant amount of money to be saved, and small parcel audits are how you can get them back. Unfortunately, most companies do not have the employees, the time or the expertise to audit these UPS invoices and FedEx invoices internally. What shippers typically do is "spot check" their invoices. This isn't efficient.

Our Service

  • Rate Negotiations
  • Reduced Administrative Expenses
  • Customized Solutions
  • Contingency Based Fees
Contract Negotiation
  • Rate Variance
  • International Import and Export
  • Weight Accuracy
  • Additional Handling Charges
Auditing Services
  • Account Summary Report
  • Chargeback Summary
  • Distribution by Shipment Type
  • GSR Credit Listing
Reporting Analytics
  • Residential Delivery Indicator Software
  • Dimensional Weight Scale
  • Web-based Third Party Shipping Systems

Web-based Reporting Tools

LJM Consultants provides clients with in-depth information about their shipping activities and the services we perform on their behalf. Our detailed reports provide easy visibility into every aspect of shipping services, rates and refund activity. We report regularly on all services, so you can easily monitor refunds and keep tabs on carrier performance.

What Our Clients Say

We recently leveraged LJM’s expertise when it came time to renegotiate our contract…

We recently leveraged LJM’s expertise when it came time to renegotiate our contract with UPS.  I have been through several contract renewals in the past, but with LJM’s professional assistance we were able to realize savings that far exceeded our expectations.  There was no way that we could have achieved similar results if we didn’t have LJM on our side.  I would highly recommend having LJM in your tool box the next time you renegotiate your shipping rates with your carrier.

Travis Piepho


“I am happy to have partnered with Ken Wood and his staff. They have shown millions of dollars in savings to our shared clients over the past 3 years. My partner and I at Prospectr have seen these results across multiple new client accounts spending a minimum of 400k per year in shipping.

It is truly amazing what LJM can do for it’s customers. We refer new business to them every month and plan to continue to do so indefinitely.”

Rick Pedley


“LJM has helped our company with auditing UPS invoices and contracts for several years. Excellent service.”

Steve Bogart


“We have partnered with LJM for many years and have always been extremely happy with the services that they provide. Their auditing and recovery systems are great. I highly recommend this company.”

Who We Are

LJM Consultants has been helping shippers save time and improve profitability with expert FedEx auditing & UPS auditing, as well as shipping consulting services focused on cost management and recovery since 1998. Line item invoice auditing and carrier contract optimization is specialized work that requires expertise and persistence.

The goal is to help clients minimize carrier billing errors, overcharges and costs before they become an issue. There is a significant difference in how we approach the business.

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