Why Your Shipping Operations Need Rate Shopper℠

by LJM Group

Shipping is the most critical operational challenge for many businesses today, which is why the most successful shippers are continually optimizing their parcel spend. You’ve already negotiated the best possible rate with your parcel carriers — great! You’re already auditing your shipping invoices — excellent!

But still you have a problem: you can’t know if you are spending more than you have to without a Carrier-by-Carrier comparison of the actual cost to ship a specific parcel under real-world, time-specific conditions. Most of the time, you’ll need more information to make the best choices on a per-parcel basis. We originally created Rate Shopper℠  to support our ecommerce clients struggling with this exact issue.

Quickly and easily compare rates across Carriers

Your customers do comparison shopping, and so should you. Designed by shippers, for shippers, Rate Shopper is a cloud-based SaaS tool  that lets you compare parcel rates from multiple Carriers — all from a single, user-friendly interface. It’s a one-stop comparison tool that works for YOU, with an array of headache-saving customizations that make it fit your operation like a glove.

See YOUR Real Rates

The dashboard features robust API integrations for essential Carriers like UPS, FedEx, USPS, DHL and Ontrac, with more on the way! Rate Shopper℠ will fetch your company’s live contract rate, in real time, for every shipment you compare.

How does it work?

After an easy setup process to customize Rate Shopper’s features to fit your business’s needs, you’re ready to start comparing! Simply enter the essential parcel data like weight, dimensions, and origin/destination zip codes.

One and done

Compare the rates of services across various shipping Carriers in a single view, saving time and frustration. Then, of course, choose the best one! Per-parcel savings of 30-50% are not uncommon.


Customize & Integrate

Rate Shopper is designed to integrate directly into your workflow.  A full-featured user management system makes it simple to set up varying levels of role-based permissions that have different levels of access. Just a few of the available customizations include:

  • Maintain your company’s warehouse locations, locally and around the world. Add your company’s markup to the contract rate to get a preview of your sale rate.
  • Set markups based on client, package size, zoning or other factors — or apply them across the board.
  • Say goodbye to hidden fees: there are multiple ways to automatically account for accessorial fees in the initial calculation. For example, adding markup per product is a great way to incorporate predictable accessorial fees, such as for oversize products.
  • Get critical reporting and data analytics so admins can see your gross rates versus your contractual ones and compares these to your sales rates (with markup applied). Management gets a clear view of your published rate versus your contract and sale rates for better decision-making. Combine with TruCost reporting to see what you actually paid after the fact.

Ready to learn more? Get in touch with us to schedule a no-obligation demo and find out how Rate Shopper can serve your business.


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