Two men in a warehouse, overlaid text 'Why the Next Gen of Movers & Shakers Are Choosing a Career in Shipping Logistics', indicating the growing interest in the logistics field

Why the Next Gen of Movers & Shakers Are Choosing a Career in Shipping Logistics

by LJM Group

Transportation and supply chain logistics is one of the fastest growing, highest paid, and most rewarding career choices for today’s movers and shakers. Employment of logisticians is expected to grow 30% from 2020 to 2030, much faster than the average for all occupations[i]. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, an average of 24,500 openings for logisticians are projected each year through 2030[ii].  

Freight transportation and supply chain management now rank among the industries with the highest levels of employment and concentration of employment for Logisticians[iii]. It also ranks high in salary and future growth. In fact, the US News & World Report rank Logistics as #8 in their Best 100 Business Jobs 2022 report based on factors such as opportunity, salary, and career satisfaction [iv].

Education is key to a successful career in shipping logistics. Although some companies accept an associate degree, over 70% of employers are looking for logisticians with a bachelor’s degree in a field such as business, supply chain management, process engineering or industrial engineering[v]. Logisticians who are interested in management positions should also consider getting a Master of Business Administration. According to Ken Wood, President of LJM Group with over 30 years of expertise in transportation logistics and distribution management, “Logistics has always been a rewarding career, but recently the global supply chain and freight management industry has emerged as one of the most critical, upward moving areas of the economy. Companies are looking for educated, enthusiastic logisticians with a commitment to high standards.” To assist up-and-coming logistics experts, LJM Group funds the Movers & Shakers Scholarship for students and researchers who want to make a difference by reducing supply chain costs without compromising customer service.

Today’s most in-demand logisticians are highly organized problem solvers with good tech and communications skills.Logisticians should stay on top of evolving technology, like radio frequency identification tracking systems and new inventory-control software. Many logisticians also have a military background, since moving material under adverse conditions (a military specialty) is excellent training for the challenges of commerce[vi].

LJM is proud to support the next generation of shipping logistics experts, and we’re getting ready to announce the winners of our 2022 Movers & Shakers Scholarships. Former recipients are college students majoring in Transportation, Logistics or Supply Chain Management; and PhD or Masters-level students conducting research in these areas. LJM Movers & Shakers are dedicated to pursuing a career in today’s supply chain community with a commitment to excellence in logistics management. 

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