[Webinar] Brave New World: Say Goodbye to the Predictable UPS/FedEx Rate Increase

by LJM Group

As a parcel shipper, you used to be able to plan around a single predictable parcel rate change at the beginning of each year—and then have the comfort of knowing those rates would remain the same for the entire year.

That certainty and predictability is now gone.

We’ve entered a “new normal” where you can expect frequent, at-will rate increases throughout the year from your favorite parcel carriers.

These frequent changes make it very difficult to budget, plan, and set pricing policies. How can you survive the chaos and still profit?

Parcel pricing expert Kenneth Moyer walks you through this Brave New World in our LIVE webinar.

He’ll discuss what to expect now that the predictable rate increase is a thing of the past, and you’ll learn how to be proactive to gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace:

  • The carriers have now moved to multiple rate changes throughout the year, with as little as 30 days’ notice.
  • Rate changes can affect everything: shipping method, package procurement, marketing practices, carrier choice, and even product offerings.
  • Join us to learn some tried-and-true methods to defend yourself against these changes and mitigate their effects!

Click below to watch the webinar presentation, or click here to open in the YouTube app.

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