Web-Based Reporting Tools ExampleLJM Group provides clients with in-depth information about their shipping activities and the services we perform on their behalf. Our detailed reports provide easy visibility into every aspect of shipping services, rates and refund activity. We report regularly on all services, so you can easily monitor refunds and keep tabs on carrier performance.

The information we provide can be as valuable as the refunds we recover. By knowing more about their shipping practices and package characteristics, clients are able to reduce rates and improve the bottom line. They can also use the knowledge that LJM provides to make changes and serve customers more effectively.

Standard reports are included at no additional charge, including the weekly recovery report, which details every refund we have secured in the previous week. Special reports or certain general ledger coding is available for a flat fee or line item fee.

Review LJM Reports-At-A-Glance for more information about these reports.