Virtual Fireside Chat – LJM EXCLUSIVE

by LJM Group

LJM pricing experts, Thomas Andersen and Kenneth Moyer identify shipping & logistic trends, offering proactive insights amid the current state of the industry.

The shipping and logistics industry has experienced seismic changes since the COVID-19 pandemic hit the US, resulting in a drastic strain on all aspects, including; pricing, physical assets, supply and demand, labor and infrastructure. Consumer buying habits were already on a path to change, but what has occurred in the last 6 months are those that were not expected for another 6 years. As a result, the Parcel Carriers continue to dominate and dictate industry policy and pricing. Moving forward, online retail sales may abate, but it is unlikely they will ever return to pre-COVID levels since increases of 20-50% continue to be seen.

In this interview, moderated by the Telsey Advisory Group, Thomas Andersen and Kenneth Moyer provide an update on the state of the industry. They discussed key points, such as how the Carriers are responding, rising shipping costs, supply chain bottlenecks, emerging issues due to the state of the times, as well as fulfillment methods and preparation for Q4 and the upcoming holiday season.

The services LJM offers to help companies cope with theses unprecedented changes have never been more important than now.

Partner with LJM Group to ensure your business obtains the most optimal Carrier contract possible, preparing you for this upcoming holiday season as well as safeguarding your long-term positioning with the Carriers.

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