UPS Denying Refunds for Dimensional Weight Errors

UPS’ dimensional weight errors (SCC charges) are one of the many refund opportunities LJM Group has been successful with, frequently recovering this money from the carriers for our 1,100+ clients.  A shipping charge correction (SCC) is issued on a package when UPS identifies different dimensions than what the customer entered into their shipping system—or when a customer doesn’t enter a dimension, and the DIM charge is larger than the actual weight.

Here’s an example from September 2017: a client sent a Ground Commercial package to Zone 5, of 34 lbs. The customer entered box dimensions of 24x24x24; using the DIM factor of 166, the billed weight was calculated at 84 lbs. UPS recognized a much higher box size of 38x37x17; using the 166 DIM factor, the billed weight was increased to 144 lbs. In addition to the increased billed weight, this package was also now subject to a Large Package Surcharge of $70, due to UPS’ adjusted dimensions (length + girth now exceeded 130”).  LJM determined that this package was entered properly by our client and that UPS had made a scanning error, and were thus able to recover a significant refund for our customer.

In the past, LJM has disputed SCC charges issued by UPS, as long as the client had entered their box sizes into their shipping software, and those box sizes were different from what UPS stated they were.  But beginning fourth quarter of 2017, UPS has been rejecting our submissions for dimensional errors. They’ve made a corporate decision to discontinue allowing electronic filing of dimensional weight errors to the UPS preferred team, rather than owning up to their overcharges. UPS is recommending that you, the customer, submit your SCC-DIM charges directly to your UPS representative. This is clearly a way to deter you from recovering refunds by making you, the client, get directly involved in order to get what is rightfully yours. They know you don’t have the time or the knowledge to spend on this tedious task.

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