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Tradeshow Mojo

by LJM Group

2022 Guide for Merchandisers

Trade shows are back in a big way, and for e-Commerce and B2B merchants, they’re more important than ever. These events provide the latest solutions for managing 2022 shipping and logistics best practices, and solutions for remaining profitable while meeting new customer demands and delivery preferences. Not to mention new products too! Just as important are the opportunities to network, learn from industry experts, and gain access to event promotions. Maximize your trade show investment with the below guidelines outlined to help you strategize and get the targeted solutions your business needs to thrive in 2022.

BEFORE – Plan Based on Your Needs

It helps to know where you stand before even deciding which events to attend.  Once you have data on the most critical areas affecting your business, you can determine which shows to attend and your event goals.  Do you need to expand or change up your product offerings? Are you facing supply chain challenges or looking for ways to cut shipping costs?  Would your team benefit from industry-focused education and networking?

Review the following to plan and strategize your trade show participation:

EVALUATE operations, inventory, and parcel management to reveal areas where help is needed.     

1) Consider an audit to identify specific issues.
2) Research industry events to find the ones that offer targeted solutions and support.

PREP & STRATEGIZE with your team. Based on event goals, grab a map of the trade show and layout your strategy!

  • Set a budget. Consider registration and event fees, travel and food expenses, marketing costs,  and networking and entertainment expenses.
  • Decide who will attend and each team members’ responsibilities. Determine most beneficial training sessions, meetings, and presentations for each person to schedule.
  • Create a calendar with action items and deadlines to keep everyone on track.

CONNECT with key contacts before the event and schedule important meetings in advance.
Send brief emails or connect on social media to let people know that you’ll be at the event and get them engaged.

  • LJM Group will be available at these upcoming trade shows.
  • Include a link to your event calendar to make it easy to schedule a meeting or know where to find you at the event.

PLANNING MOJO:  Reach out to event speakers who are presenting on topics relevant to your business. Let them know you’re looking forward to their presentation for help with challenges—and give examples. There’s a good chance that the speakers will address your specific issue during their presentations. This is an excellent way to forge connections with experts and hear targeted solutions!

DURING – Maximize Tradeshow Time

MAXIMIZE MEETINGS by creating an agenda and goal. Know the results you want from each meeting and commit to achieving them.

  • Divide and conquer! If more than one person from your company is attending, you can cover more bases. Plan to meet up at group sessions or meals to compare notes.
  • Prioritize and focus on the most critical meetings.  You may not be able to accept every invitation or attend every meeting that comes your way, so choose wisely.
  • Get in the mindset of maximizing hospitality events, receptions, dinners, etc.  Who do you want to connect with? What topics can you discuss to gain info and ideas?

TAKE ADVANTAGE of event promotions and negotiations. Industry events offer opportunities to land discounts, product contracts, and offers that aren’t normally available.

  • TIP:  Rely on your service providers and vendors as business partners who can help navigate trade show opportunities. According to Thomas Andersen, VP of Supply Chain Services at LJM, “Our personnel make themselves available at trade shows to help clients review options and better understand the industry and their position in it. The information presented at events can be overwhelming, and we help you evaluate and determine the most beneficial route to take.”

TRADESHOW MOJO:  Schedule time to walk the show floor with industry veterans. They’re often grateful for the chance to be a mentor and will provide introductions, tips, and valuable insights. And remember the speakers your reached out to before the event?  Be sure to connect with them during the event. This is a chance to tap into global leaders for their most successful strategies!

AFTER – Follow Up for Success

Follow up within 48 hours. Contact all the connections you made at the event. Schedule follow-up meetings and calls right away to keep the momentum going.

Evaluate and implement the best takeaways and solutions. Decide which trade show solutions, products, and services will benefit your business—and create a plan of action to implement them.

Share the knowledge gained. If any staff attended education and training sessions at the event, have them present what they learned so the whole team can benefit. Another idea is to go through all literature and info collected during the event with those who couldn’t attend.

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