Aren’t all your parcels time-sensitive?

Even if you aren’t shipping pharmaceuticals, perishables, or other critical products, our Tracking Concierge is a custom built, cloud-based application that allows you to view ALL of your parcel activity in a single dashboard.

View, sort, and select by parcel status. Keep the Carriers accountable.

Ensure Carrier Accountability

Custom dashboard to track all your parcels in one easy view

Updates daily with exact location of parcel, directly from Carrier system

Group parcels by transit status to view trends and mode loopholes

Instantly see all unmet deliverables each day

Keeps signatures on file forever to hold Carriers accountable for billing errors

Tracking ConciergeSM Services

Custom Dashboard • Daily Updates • View Trends

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Tracking ConciergeSM Dashboard

Much More Than Just a Tracking Number

View, sort, and select your parcels by system status:
  • No scan
  • In transit and on-time
  • In transit and late
  • Delivered on-time
  • Delivered late
  • Not delivered
  • Not tracked