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There are dramatic changes taking place in the shipping and logistics industry right now. These virtual chats will focus on specific trends and strategies that address shipping challenges for the e-commerce industry, retailers, manufacturers, and wholesalers, as well as any volume shipper across vertical markets.

As recognized thought leaders, this partnership between LJM Group and TAG, provides the knowledge and insight for implementing a successful shipping strategy to achieve exceptional business results.

LJM Group’s Lead Negotiators and Pricing Experts

LJM pricing experts Thomas Andersen, VP of Supply Chain Services, and Kenneth Moyer, VP of Supply Chain Strategies, have more than 40 years of parcel shipping intelligence between them. They have helped develop, analyze and implement Carrier pricing and costing models and negotiated thousands of parcel agreements.

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About Telsey Advisory Group

TAG is a leading woman-owned research, trading, banking, and consulting brokerage firm focused on the consumer sector. With its long-standing history of evaluating and assessing the consumer market, TAG provides clients the detailed analysis and market context that is necessary to make strategic and investment decisions.

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“The logistical recommendations and contract strategies I implemented from partnering with LJM have served me better than expected.”

– Austin, TX


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