The New Norm in Delivery

by LJM Group

Timing is everything. How same-day delivery is an expected convenience for B2B

Amazon Prime, big-box retailers such as Walmart and Target, and even warehouse stores like Costco have set new expectations for consumers. The expectation is that goods can be delivered anytime and anywhere without any thought about how they get there. This notion is being carried over to businesses. If consumers are getting what they need in incredibly swift time to make their lives more productive, shouldn’t businesses expect the same efficiency to run a successful operation?

Same-day delivery can be a differentiator for B2B operations – driving higher sales, increasing customer satisfaction, and accelerating job completion rates. B2B industries that stand to gain from same-day delivery include automotive and home improvement.


How many times have you brought your car in for repair and were told you needed a part, which had to be ordered? When your car is out of commission, essentially so are you. Long waits on parts and repairs is not an appealing option, yet this is often the norm. Yes, it’s easy to get that part if it’s available locally, but there’s yet to be a solution that scales nationwide. If a consumer can order something from across the county, with just a phrase using Alexa, and have delivery the next day, so too, should businesses be able to achieve such speedy turnaround time. Delivery speeds need to be top-of-mind for parts companies, mechanics and auto manufacturers. Same-day delivery will provide a more competitive advantage and help prevent losing business to an opponent.

Home Improvement

For contractors, time is money. Starting a new phase on a job site likely means completing an existing one first. Any hold-up can make the difference towards resulting in a happy customer. This requires obtaining supplies when they need it. While home improvement retailers like The Home Depot and Lowes have invested in same-day delivery, little has been done by wholesalers and distributors on a national scale. Given this kink in the supply chain, there is a tremendous opportunity in the industry to better serve professional services providers.

Consumers and business retailers are all moving at speeds like never before. Disruptions can mean the difference between success and failure. With customers being able to research the best possible options to meet their needs, it’s incumbent upon providers to get their customers what they want, when they want it. Simply put, a good customer is a happy customer. No matter if it’s a consumer who wants their groceries today, or an auto repair shop that needs that transmission part tomorrow.

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