There are overcharges, mistakes and or late delivered packages on each and every UPS invoice and FedEx invoice, 52 weeks per year. There is a significant amount of money to be saved by allowing LJM Group to perform a weekly small parcel audit.

Unfortunately, most companies do not have the employees, the time or the expertise to audit these UPS invoices and FedEx invoices internally. What shippers typically do is “spot check” their invoices. This isn’t efficient. We at LJM Group have the software, personnel and industry knowledge to thoroughly audit these invoices and get that money back for your company every week. Our software and our professional parcel freight auditors also examine your carrier contracts to help with FedEx and UPS rate and contract negotiations. We provide the most comprehensive line item audit in the industry. Typical auditing savings are 2%-6% weekly; typical savings from contract negotiations are between 10%-25%.

LJM Group makes it easy to learn the potential benefits of parcel auditing. We work strictly on a contingency basis. Our compensation is a percentage of the refunds we recover for you through our weekly invoice audits. We do not require you to sign a contract. There is no obligation. You can discontinue our services anytime you wish. You have absolutely nothing to lose! Worst case scenario, through our efforts, you find that your packages are getting delivered on time, every time, and your carrier is billing you 100% accurately, and you owe us nothing. Remember, there is virtually no work for you to do. We perform the weekly invoice audits, find the errors and overcharges, work with the carriers behind the scenes and have the carriers credit your subsequent invoices. It is your money; let us help you get it back. We also offer our services to help with your contract negotiations.

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At LJM Group, we audit parcel services so that shippers can focus on their core competency while enjoying full cost savings and maximum profitability. We begin by understanding a client’s shipping characteristics and profile so that we can better appreciate the priorities and challenges. Then, we conduct a process that covers several phases, as follows:

Lowering Costs With Parcel Auditing, Claims Filing, Rate Negotiations and More

Service Audit: When a company ships in volume, one minor billing oversight or contractual error can multiply many times, leading to significant increases in a company’s shipping spend. LJM Group analyzes every line item on a parcel invoice, looking for opportunities to drive down costs without sacrificing service. We also identify savings opportunities and evaluate them with the client in order to potentially help with contract and rate negotiations.

Invoice Audit: We audit past and current shipping invoices using our 45-point proprietary auditing engine. Our system analyzes every shipment on every invoice to uncover overcharges and misapplied rates, incorrect charges, unpaid refunds, unfulfilled service guarantees and more.

Reports: “You can’t manage what you can’t measure.” As we process shipping data, clients receive detailed reports pertaining to all areas of shipping activity. Clients can use any of our standard report formats or specify the information they want along with date ranges and view fully customized reports. Reports are very helpful in the management of logistics and the discovery of rate and service improvement opportunities.

LJM Invoicing: LJM Group works on contingency and bills clients only after they have recovered their refunds and/or reduced their parcel rates. If you’re paying us, that means you’re enjoying cost savings well in excess of our fees.

The following is information outlining the process once you become a client.

Here's how our weekly invoice auditing service works:

We receive your weekly electronic carrier invoice(s) via UPS Billing Center or Billing.
We import your weekly electronic invoice files into our proprietary auditing software, track and assess each shipment for on-time delivery, rate and contract conformity, and accessorial charge compliance (address corrections, manifested-not-shipped, dimensional weight errors, commercial to residential adjustments, delivery area surcharges and many more).
We identify the errors, overcharges, and late delivered packages and make daily and weekly refund submissions directly to UPS/FedEx on your behalf.
The carrier(s) credits your invoices for the refund amounts. UPS will credit subsequent invoices while FedEx credits open invoices.
We reconcile all carrier refunds and upload all customer invoice data to our client web-portal application for invoice reporting and visibility. Each customer is assigned a user ID and password to access these reports 24/7.

Our only fee is a percentage of the recovered funds once they have been credited to your account. We invoice you the month following the credit appearing on your carrier invoice. We provide detailed reports showing all credits and refunds.

Our job as your auditing partner is to not only recover refunds for your company, but to also meticulously evaluate your invoices and provide you with data and reporting capabilities that will help you ship more accurately as well as help you better manage and account for your transportation spend. All our reporting and analytics are NO CHARGE. They are simply a bi-product of our audit.

We do not require a contract or an obligation for our auditing services. If you are not 100% satisfied with our company, simply discontinue our services.