Shipping & Logistics Holiday Update with Telsey Advisory Group

Thomas Andersen, LJM Partner, VP of Supply Chain Services, and Kenneth Moyer, LJM Partner, VP of Supply Chain Strategies, discuss the dramatic changes in shipping and logistics and the current state of the industry.

Rapid evolution and dramatic changes in the online adoption curve during the past 10 months, which would have normally taken 6-8 years, have created unique challenges for retailers. The holiday surge is currently putting Carriers and shippers to the test, starting with 80 million shipments in September, leading up to an expected 30% increase in December with 120 million packages. As a result of the flood of online orders and ensuing deliveries, Carriers imposed capacity limits and pricing environments became difficult.

In this interview, moderated by the Telsey Advisory Group, Thomas and Kenneth discuss new strategies to address shipping challenges and what retailers need to do for success in 2021. Some trends addressed by the LJM strategists include flexibility in the supply chain by offering new avenues for order fulfillment, adopting supply chain technology and increases in distribution centers to lessen strains on capacity.

As the Carriers adapt on the fly, much is still left unknown for the coming year. Partnering with LJM Group will help ensure your business obtains the most optimal Carrier Contract, positioning you to meet your goals in a successful 2021.