UPS Audits

UPS Audits

by LJM Group

Why Do You Need Weekly UPS Audits?

UPS audits are essential to identifying significant weekly savings opportunities.

Invoice auditing helps find, correct, and refund hidden mistakes, overcharges, and late delivered shipments, which saves you money every week of the year.

We make it our business to carefully analyze each line-item of your invoice, stopping waste in its tracks and returning dollars to your bottom line.

Why You Need Outside Help

Companies who rely on UPS for shipping are not equipped to audit their weekly invoices and deal with the tediousness of this task.

  1. Companies simply don’t have the time, experience, technology or the resources to perform a thorough line-by-line audit each week – necessary to finding any considerable mistakes.
  2. Even with dedicated resources, the increased complexities of Carrier invoices lend itself to errors, and mistakes will be overlooked. Don’t spend $25 in resources to save $5. LJM Group will be able to go back six months (180 days) to apply for unclaimed credits and overcharges (15 days for late deliveries). UPS offers a limited refund filing period—companies must act accordingly to get their money back. With only fifteen days to file for certain refunds, like late deliveries, it is important to make sure your audits are performed quickly and thoroughly.

We Have the Experience You Need

LJM Group understands the intricacies of UPS shipping charges.

Our team is comprised of experts from the pricing department at UPS and other Carriers.

We have a thorough understanding of potential mistakes and overcharges, essential for ensuring our clients receive the refunds they deserve in a timely manner.

We provide 24/7 web-based reporting tools as a bi-product of our audit (no fee for reporting).

You need to understand your shipping profile and characteristics to become a more intelligent shipper. Our analytical tools will help you become a more educated and cost-effective parcel shipper.

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