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Shipping Consultant

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How Logistics Consultants Can Lower Your Shipping Costs

We begin with a comprehensive evaluation of your current Carrier contract and review your parcel invoices to identify shipping patterns and recognize opportunities for negotiation.

Along with your shipping profile, the services your business uses reveals where your business qualifies for discounts, where you are paying unnecessary costs and where you are losing money.

We take that information and use it to negotiate better terms for your new contract at any point in time – there is no need to wait until your contract expires.

Validating invoices and automating bill payments in a timely manner to avoid late fees are two actionable areas for additional savings, but the methods to manage them often require too many hours of labor to make them profitable tasks.

LJM Group can give you back the benefits of these, both time and money wasters.

Businesses that carry a heavy line item of shipping expense can optimize their carrier contract by working with an experienced shipping consultant.

The consultant’s role is to evaluate the entire shipping chain to uncover areas of waste, streamline processes, and, ultimately, save the business thousands in shipping expense each year.

When you work with LJM Group, we look at your business’ entire logistical process to evaluate backend operations, shipping methods, and supply chains to improve the processes.

Part of this activity lies within contract negotiation with the shipping carriers to secure the best rates and terms possible.

We hold years of industry experience, previously working as UPS and Fedex corporate pricing directors, putting us in a very intellectually precise position to negotiate the most optimal agreements for our clients.

LJM Group helps their clients achieve optimal efficiency by sharing their industry experience, their wealth of knowledge, and their curated negotiating skills, leveraging their client’s position during the negotiation process.

Subsequently, these same clients are able to take control of rising costs.

Our integrated client web-portal displays data visibility with perceptive metrics and acute drill-downs.

The following services also create a comprehensive assessment of your Carrier perspective.

Rate Shopper: Save time by comparing rates of services across various Parcel Carriers in one single view.

Tracking Concierge: Our precision tool with real-time tracking offers delivery transparency and assists Carrier relationship management.

TruCost Reporting: Learn your true carrier costs per parcel, after delivery, and compare them to what you are charging your customers for shipping. Ask yourself, “Are my shipping rates designed for competitive advantage or as a profit center?”

Take back control and lost revenue by partnering with LJM Group as your shipping consultant and logistics services advisor.

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