Parcel Auditing Services

Parcel Auditing Services

by LJM Group

LJM’s Parcel Auditing Services

To begin with, Parcel invoice auditing services allow your company to continually focus on what it does best.

Furthermore, by allocating your weekly audits to an auditing company comprised of industry experts, LJM Group will ensure you are invoiced accurately, and when you aren’t, we will get your refunds back from the Carriers.

Moreover, LJM Group brings our knowledge and experience of the inner workings of various parcel carrier pricing departments to our parcel audit service.

LJM’s Proprietary Software

We have designed proprietary software, necessary to check for over 45 audit points, as part of our parcel audit services – with results that save clients 2% to 6% weekly.

Additionally, we analyze your shipping trends, surcharges, and all other accessorial fees, checking for every instance where your Carrier may have made an invoicing error.

Our detailed auditing reports keep our clients up-to-date on all issues found and all refunds due.

As a byproduct of our weekly audit, we provide our clients with “best-in-class” 24/7 web-based reporting and analytical tools. Notably, these reports are as valuable, if not more valuable, than the audit itself.

What is a Small Parcel Audit?

A small parcel audit is the process of reviewing and analyzing shipping invoices to ensure that they are accurate and in compliance with the carriers’ contractual agreements.

It is a way for businesses to identify overcharges, incorrect fees, and other errors that can add up over time.

How Does Small Parcel Auditing Work?

Small parcel auditing uses specialized software to analyze shipping invoices. The software compares the invoices to the Carriers’ pricing agreements and identifies discrepancies.

Once discrepancies are identified, we will work with the Carrier to resolve any issues and recover any overcharges.

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