Shipping Consultant
by LJM Group

How Logistics Consultants Can Lower Your Shipping Costs We begin with a comprehensive evaluation of….

Small Parcel Contracting
by LJM Group

For ecommerce companies, shipping small parcels to customers and managing small parcel contracting can be….

Parcel Audit
by LJM Group

One of the valuable services LJM Group offers their clients is the audit of parcel….

Freight Audit
by LJM Group

A freight audit is the process of reviewing all shipping invoices to identify billing errors…..

Carrier Contract Negotiations
by LJM Group

Carrier Contract Negotiations: What You Need to Know As a business owner, you’re probably familiar….

UPS Contract Negotiations
by LJM Group

A Few Very Important Tips for Negotiating UPS/FedEx Agreements UPS Contract Negotiations & FedEx Contract….

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