Logistics Consulting

Logistics Consulting

by LJM Group

How are Logistics Consulting Services Unique from Internal Logistics Management?

Logistics management consulting offers in depth analysis of every stage of raw materials/product movement to identify waste, bottlenecks, workflow efficiency, strategies for growth and more.

Should a company wish to introduce a new product, a new method, a new business arm, or support significant growth, logistics consulting expertise can guide the business to make money-saving decisions, speed up production, improve efficiency, and ultimately, improve profitability.

These savings can show up as lean manufacturing principles applied at various workflow stages over time or improvements in fulfillment and shipping policies to eliminate waste.

The experience a logistics consultant has had in the industry allows him to offer proven solutions for your type of business, something an internal manager normally does not bring to the table.

LJM Group brings over one hundred years of combined experience and a history of many successes to each client’s situation. We offer actionable transportation and logistics consulting to make a positive impact on your bottom line, right away.

A free logistics consultation will shed light on areas for improvement and reveal how much you can save.

Your business can adapt and thrive in any tumultuous logistics climate with the guidance of sophisticated and experienced logistics consulting services LJM Group offers.

We will evaluate your current Carrier Agreement using industry benchmarks, review your shipping profile, and assist in contract negotiations on your behalf, taking advantage of every possible discount available to you. We will optimize your parcel shipping processes and improve your overall efficiency.

Why not give us a call today to inquire about our logistics services and receive your free analysis?


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