Freight Cost Reductions

Freight Cost Reductions

Freight Cost Reductions

by LJM Group

Freight cost reductions are important for every business to counteract the rising costs and fees of parcel, LTL and TL shipping. Your business needs to learn how to ship smarter and more efficiently to protect rising shipping fees from eroding your bottom line.

Planning is Key

Many common suggestions for reducing your freight costs simply involve better planning regarding your shipping method – reducing burdens on your Carriers will translate to savings for your business.

  • Think about timing your shipments for an off-peak day: Less demand on certain days will reduce the costs.
  • Take advantage of shipping on backhauls: Freight Carriers want to make both trips worthwhile, as they do not want to travel back with an empty truck; they will offer better rates to shippers who take advantage of their return trip.
  • Become a reliable shipper: Carriers like being able to plan on getting a steady, reliable volume from a shipper. This allows them to build out their network and deliver their freight efficiently.

LJM Group’s Services Will Help You Save Big

LJM Group will tame costs on your small parcel, LTL and TL shipping, utilizing years of expertise our analysts hold from previous experience in the corporate pricing departments of FedEx, UPS, DHL and other carriers.

  1. Allowing LJM to do your invoice audits will reduce your freight cost 2% to 8% per week by finding opportunities for refunds in each mistake and overcharge.
  2. LJM’s shipping consultants assist with parcel contract negotiations, as well as LTL and TL negotiations, to ensure clients receive the best yearly rates, with typical cost reductions of 10% to 25%.
  3. LJM’s General Ledger Coding and Bill Pay Services help save on costs of your own company’s resources that would otherwise be dedicated to managing freight bills.

Whatever your parcel, LTL or TL shipping needs, there are always opportunities to reduce your costs! Let LJM help you today.

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