Parcel Invoice Audit

Why Do You Need a Parcel Invoice Audit Service?

Utilizing a parcel audit service is the key to ensuring accurate billing and receipt of refunds which are rightfully yours, due to overcharges, late package deliveries, and other carrier mistakes. No matter who your parcel carrier is, your company needs to perform weekly small parcel invoice audits to verify your weekly billings and payments.

Why Not Do Your Own Parcel Invoice Audits?

  1. These same weekly line-by-line audits, necessary to make sure you are not being overcharged, are incredibly tedious, time consuming, stressful and impossible for your company to do on your own. Companies do not have the time or the resources these thorough line-by-line audits require.
  2. The growing complexities of parcel carrier rate structures and fees, especially FedEx and UPS fees, make it confusing and impossible for shippers to fully understand and quantify.
  3. Even those companies that dedicate internal resources solely to invoice audits still overlook potential savings when not using professional expert auditing services. They end up spending $25 to save $5 and they miss seventy five percent of the savings opportunity.
Recover Your Lost Profits Now

LJM’s Parcel Auditing Services

Parcel invoice auditing services allow your company to focus on what it does best. Allocate your weekly audits to an auditing company comprised of experts in the industry. LJM Group is here to do the parcel auditing work for you, ensuring you are invoiced accurately, and when you aren’t, we get your money back from the carriers.

LJM Group brings our knowledge and experience of the inner workings of various parcel carrier pricing departments to our parcel audit service. We have designed proprietary software, necessary to check for over 45 audit points, as part of our parcel audit services––with results of 2-6% savings weekly. We analyze your shipping trends, surcharges, and all other accessorial fees, checking for every instance where your carrier may have made an invoicing error. Our detailed auditing reports keep our clients up-to-date on all issues found and all refunds due.

As a byproduct of our weekly audit, we provide our clients with “best-in-class” 24/7 web-based reporting and analytical tools. These reports are as valuable, if not more valuable, than the audit itself.

Consulting Services
Contract Negotiation

Our expert contract analysis, combined with unmatched benchmarking and forward-thinking long-term strategies ensure you successful rate negotiations.

TruCost Reporting

Gain insight, and overcome hidden costs, through our analysis of all accessorial fees that the Carriers may charge after delivery to verify final, accurate shipping costs.

Parcel Invoice Audits

Line-item auditing of every small parcel shipping invoice to expose mistakes, overcharges, and late deliveries in order to recover unwarranted costs.

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