Ready to Take Control of Your Shipping Contracts?

LJM Group’s veteran analysts take the mystery out of your shipping data, consistently saving you substantial monies. We are your necessary edge at the negotiating table. We will turn those tables in your favor.

We know the ins and outs of FedEx and UPS corporate pricing structures because we’ve been on the other side of these tables, as their senior pricing managers. When we help you negotiate your contract, we’re negotiating with our former selves! Put our experience as previous pricing experts from the top Carriers on YOUR side.

Key Negotiation Parameters

LJM knows how to leverage your needs to achieve your desired results.

Optimize Your Carrier Contract.

Don’t ask “Am I paying too much?”
Ask “How much am I overpaying?”

Whether you know it or not, you’re leaking profits through your UPS/FedEx small parcel contract. Unless you’re bringing insider experience to the table when you negotiate your small parcel contracts, you are paying too much.

Don’t leave money on the table.

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How Can I Tell If My Shipping Agreement is Competitive?

Bad news: you can’t. Your only true comparison is your last Carrier negotiation; and how do you know how well you did then? You don’t. Your Carrier rep might tell you your rates cannot be lowered, that you already have the lowest rates in the area. Yet our analysts (former Carrier Pricing Managers) consistently find additional savings in virtually 100% of the agreements we review.

Stop Guessing: Take the Unknowns Out of Your Negotiation

LJM devises long-term strategies to reduce your shipping spend, and we’ve been successful at it for 20 years. We recognize the many variables in every contract, and we foresee every possible opportunity for savings with our unmatched benchmarking analytics and corporate pricing experience. We built a proprietary software engine that offers strategic data-mining, revealing your shipping profile. Subsequently we are prepared with enduring strategies that will work to your advantage to reduce your Carrier costs.