In addition, our company offers you the following benefits:

Reduced Administrative Expenses: Your employees can focus on your core business, and we focus on auditing your invoices and negotiating your carrier contracts.

Unmatched Industry and Logistical Expertise: Your LJM specialist has deep ties to the industry and the multiple variables inherent in parcel auditing and pricing.

Customized Solutions: Need something specific like General Ledger (GL) Coding? Ask an LJM Consultant to customize any report you may think of. Once we have the data, we can customize reports to your specifications.

Contingency Based Fees: All of our fees are contingency based - you only pay us when we are saving you money.

When we assist you in negotiating your carrier contract, you lower your rates, you lower your shipping spend and improve profitability. Your carrier might tell you that your rates cannot be lower, but LJM’s invoice auditing and contract analysis will consistently find opportunities for lower rates and improved FedEx and UPS contract negotiations. There are many variables in every carrier contract, and we have the expertise to identify and help you maximize your savings areas. When LJM handles your carrier contract rate negotiations, you reap the benefits without having to invest long hours in the process. 10% to 25% savings are typical when LJM Group assists with your contract rate negotiations. You don’t know what you don’t know!

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