One-Stop Shipping Solutions

by LJM Group

Stay Ahead of Parcel Shipping Spend with Technology Forward Services

The Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals defines logistics as “part of the supply chain process that plans, implements and controls the efficient, effective forward and reverse flow and storage of goods, services and related information between the point of origin and the point of consumption in order to meet customers’ requirements.”

In today’s ever-changing world of ecommerce, the logistics chain is the lifeline of success. The fundamental key here is moving goods from their starting point to the end-user in the most efficient and profitable way. This process involves optimizing business essentials such as warehousing, packaging, tracking, handling, distribution, and even security. In our current on-demand economy where speed is critical, you need a strategy that’s more than just about spend, with an emphasis on innovation and transforming the way you do business with greater insight.

As you shift your focus and weigh your options, you should consider using a Shipping & Business Consulting Service like LJM Group as a solution strategy. A single source as such has obvious benefits that include improved bargaining power to reduce overall shipping costs and requires less effort in managing relationships with the parcel Carriers. But when considering your strategy, you’ll need to look beyond just Parcel Contract Negotiation Services to see what’s missing from your logistics chain.

LJM Group’s capabilities far exceed analyzing, strategizing and negotiating optimal parcel Carrier contracts on behalf of our clients. We provide a One-Stop Shipping Solution. As an extension of your business, the LJM Experience offers unmatched services to organize, manage, and track shipping spend. Through innovative use of technology and customized dashboards that provide up-to-the-minute insight, our comprehensive intelligent programs let you spend more time on your business and less time on supply chain logistics.

LJM’s full suite of parcel services includes:

  • GL Coding/Bill Pay – Streamlined record keeping of shipping spend with optional Auto Bill Pay
  • Rate Shopper – Live API integration to fetch and compare Carrier rates
  • Tracking Concierge Services – Real-time, precision tracking tool with aggregate parcel status view
  • Fraud Detection – Audit intelligence to mitigate inventory and shipping abuse
  • Freight and TMS Solutions – Over-the-road Carrier procurement and transportation management
  • Specialized Reporting – Parcel Intelligence with TruCost Transparency, Mode Conversion and Trending Analysis reports
  • Parcel Invoice Auditing – Weekly recovery of unnecessary and inaccurate Carrier fees

In an industry that changes as fast as next-day delivery, LJM is continually staying ahead of the parcel Carriers. To complement our complete suite of solutions for managing parcel spend, consider the below additional Logistics Advisory Services for in-depth insights providing long-lasting benefits. The new amenities will include:

  • Profitability Tool for Online Retailers
  • Flat Rate Pricing Tool for Online Retailers
  • Matching Reports
  • Facility Rationalization Studies
  • Customized Client Rate Tables for Shipping Systems
  • Competitor Pricing Analysis Comparisons
  • Ship-from-Store Distribution Model Implementation
  • Shipping System Recommendations

LJM offers unmatched logistics management services and knowledge to effectively manage parcel spend and help control ongoing rising shipping costs. Experience the difference with LJM Services. Get started today with a customized demo.


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