LJM Exclusive: Ken Wood’s Perspective on Carriers renegotiating customer contracts to eliminate Guaranteed Service Refunds (GSR) and Money Back Guarantees (MBG)
by LJM Group

Ken Wood, President and Founder of LJM Group, gives his perspective on Carriers renegotiating customer….

FedEx New Delivery Manager Service
by LJM Group

FedEx launches new service that mirrors rival program. FedEx Corp. customers will now have more….

FedEx gives consumers more control over deliveries
by LJM Group

FedEx Corp. today launched a service that enables residential customers willing to pay extra fees….

USPS: Saturday Delivery Saved, For Now
by LJM Group

Following Congress’ decision to prohibit a new national delivery schedule for mail and packages, (mail….

FedEx Alters Asia Service; UPS Announces Results
by LJM Group

Companies that do a lot of shipping will be interested in the latest news about….

Why USPS is a Viable Alternative to FedEx and UPS
by LJM Group

Citing the fact that the United States Postal Service “cannot wait indefinitely for legislation,” the….

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