There are overcharges, mistakes and or late delivered packages on many UPS and FedEx invoices, 52 weeks per year. There is a significant amount of money to be saved, and small parcel audits are how you can get them back. Unfortunately, most companies do not have the employees, the time or the expertise to audit these UPS invoices and FedEx invoices internally. What shippers typically do is “spot check” their invoices. This isn’t efficient.
We at LJM Group have the software, personnel, and industry knowledge to thoroughly audit these parcel invoices and get your money back to your company, every week. Our software and our professional parcel freight auditors also examine your carrier contracts to help with FedEx and UPS rate and contract negotiations. We provide the most comprehensive line item audit in the industry.

Benefits of Parcel Auditing:

  • Full cost savings. Auditing savings are typically 2%-6% weekly and contract negotiation savings are typically 10%-25%
  • Clients can focus on their core competency while enjoying maximum profitability
  • Receive detailed reports pertaining to all areas of shipping activity, which is helpful in the management of logistics


How LJM Works:

We begin by getting to understand a client’s shipping characteristics and profile so that we can better understand the priorities and challenges.

We work strictly on a contingency basis. Our compensation is a percentage of the refunds we get for you through invoice audits.

There is no obligation. We do not require you to sign a contract. You can discontinue our services anytime you wish.

You have absolutely nothing to lose! Worst case scenario, through our efforts, you find that your packages are getting delivered on time, every time and your carrier is billing you 100% accurately and you owe us nothing.

It is your money; let us help you get it back. Remember, there is virtually no work for you to do. We perform the invoice audits, find the errors and overcharges, have the carriers credit your invoice and educate you on carrier contract rate negotiations.