Total Freight Solutions

LJM Group has partnered with Freight Management Inc., a company that has 42 years of experience in LTL, TL, and Multi-Stop TL services—offering you access to expert logistics solutions beyond the world of small parcel shipments.

Scale Up

LJM can be your full-service logistics partner and secure competitive pricing for a wide range of parcel chains.

Ship Smarter

Simplify your operations and save your organization the time and stress that it would take to manage your freight internally.

Move the Needle

Improve your bottom line and enjoy the best possible rates when shipping large and complicated configurations.

Ready to streamline your freight program?

Overhaul Your Supply Chain

We have the comprehensive resources and the expertise you need to optimize your supply chain operations:

  • Contracts with many carriers that will eliminate the need to negotiate on your own.
  • The expertise that will get you the best rates, no matter what your parcel requirements.
  • The tools and resources to offer comprehensive logistics programs that drive your bottom line.

Ship Smarter, Better, Faster

We can organize and streamline all of your shipping needs, from small packages up to twelve-pallet shipments.

You will still enjoy the same independent accountability and customer care that you have come to expect from the experts at LJM. We are committed to continually develop new and innovative ways to improve our services.

Get Clarity on your Freight Program—Partner with LJM to save valuable time and increase your profits.