Introducing LJM Group

by LJM Group

Why the change?

To celebrate our success, our continued expansion and our increased service offerings, we’ve chosen this year, our twentieth year in business, to rebrand as LJM Group. Big things are ahead for LJM Group and our clients in 2018!

The last few years saw unprecedented growth for LJM Consultants—and for many of our clients. The continued complexities within the carrier billings and parcel contracts, coupled with the never-ending UPS/FedEx rate increases and rule changes, have made LJM’s services more and more critical to our treasured clients. With that said, LJM has grown far beyond auditing.

As we grew, we engineered a world-class analytics portal that stands head and shoulders above the industry’s third-party software offerings, diving deep into our clients’ shipping data to discover wasteful spend patterns and rove for areas to improve and optimize clients shipping practices. Unlocking the power of your shipping data helps us uncover profitable ways to enhance your parcel contracts and reveal cost-saving opportunities. This reporting tool has enabled our contract negotiating staff to fast-track the time taken to crunch data and retrieve vital customer shipping characteristics and profiles to help clients achieve a best-in-class parcel agreement. LJM has become the largest and most respected parcel contract negotiating company in our space.

Our data-driven approach has allowed us to develop new services that offer even more value to our clients, such as: Employee Fraud Detection, LTL/TL/Ocean/Rail auditing and contract negotiating, BillPay—and our latest endeavor, merchant services (huge savings opportunity). We have become a true financial partner for many of our clients, a one-stop resource for optimizing profitability.

To clients old and new, thank you for your continued partnership. We look forward to another fantastic year together!

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