LJM Group improves a company’s bottom line – and we reward friends who help our business grow. We encourage anyone who is familiar with our services to spread the word about our company and send new business our way. We reward all successful referrals.

Referrals can come from anywhere:

  • Owners, managers and employees: If you own, manage or are employed by a business that works with LJM Group, refer business to us. If that referral turns into an LJM Client we will either reduce your company’s auditing contingency split or we will pay you a commission.
  • Related Industries: If you do business in the Transportation industry (3PL, LTL Auditor, Trucking, Shipping System Provider, Logistics Consultant, Freight Forwarder, etc.) you can become an LJM Group business partner by adding our services to your portfolio or by simply introducing us to your contacts. You will receive a monthly commission for every introduction that becomes an LJM Group’ client.
  • Accounting and consulting professionals: Make small parcel auditing and carrier contract negotiating part of your value added services and receive monthly commissions.
  • Individuals: If you are an individual who would like to generate a side income and if you have relationships or contacts with companies who ship large amounts of UPS or FedEx parcels, this can be the easiest money you have ever made. If a company that you refer to LJM Group does business with us, you can become a commissioned sales agent; receiving residual commission checks monthly.


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In addition to the reward from LJM, you’ll earn the gratitude of the person or company that you refer to us. We’ll work as hard for them as we do for you, and they’ll appreciate the refunds we recover and the rate improvements that we arrange. To give LJM a referral call us at (631) 844-9500 or use the form below or email kenwood@myljm.com

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