Get Reporting for OnTrac & Regional Carriers

by LJM Group

In addition to the two major shipping carriers we are all accustomed to, LJM also audits and/or provides reporting for a few of the top regional carriers. These regional carriers include OnTrac, LaserShip, and PeriShip.  For all of these three regional carriers mentioned, LJM is able to provide full reporting. Above and beyond the reporting, we also have the ability to track and audit weekly OnTrac invoices, as they are the only carrier who has a system and process in place to do so.

LJM has been extremely successful with the auditing efforts which result in getting refunds credited back to the shipper for OnTrac service guarantee failures (late delivered packages) and claims. These claims include any package that has been lost or damaged by OnTrac.

Below are some of the stock reports we have generated for all three regional carriers. We continue to excel at generating customized reports upon a shipper’s request bearing that the data is within the carrier’s invoice.

Stock Regional Carrier Reports:

  • Average Cost per Package Report
  • Average Cost per Package by State Report
  • Average Cost per Package by Zone Report
  • Invoice Summary Report
  • Charge Description Group Report
  • Address Correction Report


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