FedEx Expands Their US Ground Delivery to 6 Days a Week

by LJM Group

In order to meet growing e-commerce demand, FedEx Ground is permanently expanding its operations to run 6 days a week. FedEx’s move follows a similar change implemented by UPS, and the announcement comes shortly after Amazon’s announcement of its new branded delivery service.

With the soaring demand for e-commerce delivery and the holidays fast approaching, the extra day can mean more purchases and better customer retention for many retailers.

The company has been anticipating this growth with its many investments in new facilities and automation technologies. “The rise in demand for e-commerce goes beyond peak. It’s a year-round phenomenon, and we are ready to meet that demand,” says Raj Subramaniam, executive vice president, chief marketing and communications officer at FedEx. “Thanks to strategic investments in our network, we are now well-positioned to operate six days a week in the U.S. all year to best serve the rapidly growing demand.”

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