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April 2021

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We help Parcel shippers negotiate
best-in-class Carrier Agreements
The Cost Savings
"Amazon Effect" in the Chaos
Are You Competing With
Free Shipping?
Gain Insight and
Get Focused
What's in Transit
Stay up to date on industry trends, knowledge, and events to help
strengthen your parcel shipping strategy.
Call for Your  FREE  Consultation: 631.844.9500
New Parcel Contracts Thousands of Shippers Millions of Packages
Analyzed Daily Serviced Tracked Annually
We share the enhanced visibility you need to better understand, manage, and control your shipping costs.
Staffed with Analysts, Strategists, and Negotiators holding inside-experience from the top Carriers, we excel at finding and executing innovative methods to improve your bottom line.
UPS and FEDEX Small Parcel Contract Negotiations, Shipping Consulting & Logistics Advisory Services
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