E-Commerce Averages 10% of All Retail––What This Means for You

by LJM Group

Many are divided with concerns for the future of retail stores thanks to the growing rise of e-commerce or comfort in the belief that e-commerce still only represents a small 10% of retail. Neither of these beliefs are completely true.

Certain product categories are more common to be sold as e-commerce than others, such as books and movies over groceries, so when the data explains that e-commerce is only 10% of all retail, it is not an accurate portrayal of the retail industry. The retail stores that have adapted well to online shopping are the ones that are generally still successful and generate a large portion of their business from online shopping such as Nordstrom, whereas those who have failed to adapt to online shopping, may be struggling or already failed, like Blockbuster.

Read the full impact of the misleading industry average from Forbes.

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