July 2018

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Top 5 Strategies for Profitable Shipping

After working with thousands of clients for more than two decades, LJM’s expert strategists and negotiators have developed a series of effective, actionable tactics and streamlining methods for negotiating optimal parcel rates and contracts.

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Rising Prices Beware

UPS Imposes New Audit Fee

Effective June 4, UPS is penalizing customers for entering incorrect box dimensions. The new Audit Fee is designed to encourage shippers to become more accurate in their calculations.

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Carrier Costs 101

Why do shippers find themselves paying more every year?  Why do the carriers’ policies seem more labyrinthine with each passing month?  Here we look at some of the variables that determine the best pricing you'll be able to get.

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LJM Group is the premier carrier invoice auditing company in the parcel industry. Our experience gives us immeasurable insight into carrier pricing structures and negotiation practices, making us uniquely qualified to understand the intricacies of carrier agreements.

  • Staffed with former employees of UPS, FedEx and other parcel and freight carriers
  • Over 1,100 clients serviced and 300 million packages tracked per year
  • Hundreds of carrier contracts reviewed annually
  • Best-in-class proprietary analytics portal for deep insights into your shipping data
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