February 2018

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Amazon's Foray into Small Parcel Shipping

Amazon's Foray into Small Parcel Shipping

The transportation world received a bit of a shake-up this month, as word finally leaked of Amazon’s plans to expand into the small parcel universe. As the dust settles, everyone in the logistics world is wondering who will emerge the winner of the new parcel price wars.

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The UPS Large-Package/Over-Max Surcharges

UPS has been on a mission to eradicate undesirable freight. If you ship large and heavy packages, be prepared to see your shipping costs rise significantly. Here's everything you need to know. 

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The UPS Large-Package/Over-Max Surcharges
UPS Denying Refunds for Dimensional Errors & Overcharges

UPS Denying Refunds for Dimensional Weight Errors

We often catch dimensional weight errors from UPS, which can bring substantial refunds to our clients—but since Q4 2017, UPS stopped allowing these errors to be electronically filed. That puts the onus on you, the customer, to recoup these wrongful charges. 

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