October 2017

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Fedex Announces 2018 Rate Increase
Holiday Shipping 2017

New Holiday Shipping Fees

This year, both FedEx and UPS have introduced a series of peak-season surcharges that could present a major upset for many businesses during the make-or-break holiday shopping season. LJM helps you navigate the new fee structure.

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Changes to Guaranteed Service Times

Every holiday season, UPS and FedEx implement temporary changes to their delivery schedules and guaranteed service times. Here are the details for the 2017 season that may impact your business.

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A professional negotiation firm with a best-in-class analytics portal can assure you recieve the best carrier agreement possible—you may be shocked to find out how much money you’re losing. Watch our video to learn more.

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There are mistakes, overcharges or late packages on each and every UPS/FedEx invoice, 52 weeks per year. You can recover significant profits by auditing these invoices—but who has the time and the expertise to review their invoices week in, week out?

The experts at LJM Consultants have the many years of industry experience needed to thoroughly audit these invoices and get that money back for your company—every single week. Cost reductions are guaranteed. Our ONLY FEE is a percentage of the additional savings we help you achieve.

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How to Save Up to 30% on Your Shipping Contracts

You’re saving every week with invoice audits, but you're still leaking profits through your parcel contracts with UPS/FedEx. How can you tell if your shipping agreement is competitive? Get the inside scoop that will help you save thousands on your contract agreements in this live webinar and Q&A with the experts at LJM.

Live webinar will run Thursday, October 26th from 3:00pm-4:00pm EDT; registration details to follow.

Parcel Forum 17

Thanks to all who joined us at Parcel Forum for a fascinating discussion on ways to strategically improve delivery times. We looked at a handful of targeted strategies, as well as several creative solutions presented in a case study by Ron DiFabio of Bounty Hunter Wines.

Missed the show? Download our presentation on our website!

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LJM Consultants is the premier carrier invoice auditing company in the parcel industry. Run by former employees of UPS, FedEx, and other freight carriers, we service nearly 1,000 clients and track roughly 200 million packages per year. We also review hundreds of carrier contracts annually and help negotiate numerous agreements yearly. This experience gives us insight on a daily basis to carrier pricing structures and negotiating methods which makes us uniquely qualified to understand the intricacies of carrier agreements.

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