Navigating the FedEx 2024 GRI
by LJM Group

By: Patric Ruppel In a move that caught many by surprise, FedEx released its 2024….

How to Optimize Your Website for Shipping Success
by LJM Group

With Tips & Insights from Web Masters Imagine your website as a ship sailing through….

The Parcel Locker Phenomenon: Transforming the Future of Delivery
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The concept of lockers has recently undergone a radical change from storage space at the….

Delivery Fraud
The New Dangers of Delivery Fraud: How to Protect Your Company and Customers
by LJM Group

Beware of rising delivery scams! Learn how to shield your business and customers from fraud in the digital age.

Rating Carriers Based on Delivery Performance 
by LJM Group

On the heels of the pandemic and as we close 2021, it may be wise….

Warehouse illuminated by light beams, labeled 'The Other Side Of The Supply Chain Crisis', symbolizing LJM Group's solutions in managing logistics crises.
You Will Get Thru the Supply Chain Crisis; Now Let’s Save You Money
by LJM Group

A crisis is defined as, a condition of instability or danger, as in social, economic,….

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