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UPS 2024 General Rate Increase – It’s Not a “One Size Fits All” Average
October 26, 2023
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UPS 2024 General Rate Increase – It’s Not a “One Size Fits All” Average
by LJM Group

On December 26th, UPS shippers will feel the impact of the 2024 general rate increase….

Navigating the FedEx 2024 GRI
by LJM Group

By: Patric Ruppel In a move that caught many by surprise, FedEx released its 2024….

Small Parcel Market
LJM Exclusive: Kenneth Moyer on Industry Outlook for 2023 & Beyond
by LJM Group

Explore the dynamic shifts in the small parcel market, from the pandemic’s impact to emerging trends and potential disruptors.

UPS truck with overlaid text 'Potential UPS Strike', indicating possible disruptions in logistics
Are you prepared for a possible UPS Strike?
by LJM Group

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Chart with FedEx truck and text 'FedEx Announces Largest Rate Increase: 6%.
FedEx 2023 General Rate Increase – What are YOU Going to do NOW?
by LJM Group

On September 22nd, FedEx customers learned that they would endure the largest rate increase in….

A pen with an upward trending graph, symbolizing positive growth trends in logistics and shipping.
LJM Exclusive: Gavin Creado Unravels UPS 2022 Rate Increases
by LJM Group

On October 28, 2021, UPS announced their 2022 shipping rate increase.  The increase goes into….

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